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Cybersecurity Careers with Myron Hedderson (Feb 14, 2:10pm)

February 14, 2:10pm
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Join Cybersecurity Specialist, Myron Hedderson, as he discusses what a job in cybersecurity looks like!

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Cybersecurity is an exciting career because it involves protecting people and organizations from digital threats like hackers, viruses, and other forms of cybercrime. As a cybersecurity professional, you get to use your technical skills and creativity to find and fix vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks.

In this job, you might get to do things like:

  1. Conducting security assessments: You’ll evaluate an organization’s systems and networks to identify potential vulnerabilities and assess how well they are protected against cyber threats.
  2. Developing security solutions: You’ll work to create security strategies and technologies to help protect an organization’s digital assets and information.
  3. Investigating cyber attacks: You’ll analyze and investigate cyber attacks and security breaches, and work to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.
  4. Educating others: You’ll help educate people about cybersecurity best practices and how to stay safe online, which is increasingly important in today’s digital world.

Overall, a career in cybersecurity is exciting because it’s always changing and evolving. You’ll be challenged to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and threats, and you’ll have the opportunity to make a real difference in keeping people and organizations safe from cybercrime.

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