Experiential learning opportunity

Digital Literacy: Creativity, Design, and Problem Solving Webinar

Thursday, April 27, 1:30pm
Areas of interest: Digital Literacy

Join Brilliant Labs Lead Graphic Designers and Communications Manager, Cheryl Willson and Centre of Excellence Lead for Digital Innovation lead, Adam Binet as they present our fourth in a six part series on Digital Literacy, on “Creativity, Design and Problem Solving”.

What is does “Creativity, Design, and Problem Solving” mean? The goal is to have students explore a variety of digital technologies to develop and enhance ideas, products, or processes through creative expression and innovative designs to solve issues that affect them, their communities, and the world.

Why should students and teachers learn about this? In today’s increasingly digital world, it’s important for students in to develop digital literacy skills. By exploring different digital technologies, students can learn to express their creativity, come up with new ideas, and solve real-life problems. They can also understand the importance of respecting creative work, learn about copyright and creator rights, and practice environmentally safe ways to create and dispose of digital devices.

Through basic design thinking steps, students can find problems or needs in areas like school, home, work, or the environment, research to understand the problems, use digital tools to explore possible solutions, create models or prototypes, and improve designs through testing and refining. By using digital tools, students can spot trends, predict possibilities, and remix digital content in new creations that are responsible and ethical. With these skills, students can become good digital citizens and make a positive impact on their communities and the world.

If you would like to join this event, please email: adam.binet@gnb.ca

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