Experiential learning opportunity

Introduction to Planning – NB Association of Planners (December 22, 10AM)

Thursday, December 22, 2022, 10AM
Areas of interest: Engineering, Environment, Social Studies, Technology


Join Xander Gopen, a Senior Planner, Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission  as they walk through what a town/city/municipal planner is, what they do, and why planning how we use our land is so important! Topics that will be covered:

  • How population and demographics impact planning
  • Avoid mistakes while planning
  • Modelling future patterns
  • How climate change impacts planning
  • Why it is important to have community engagement and inclusive planning policies



Thursday, December 22, 10AM-11Am

How to Join

This webinar will take place on Microsoft Teams. Classes, or individual students are invited to join and watch. This will be an interactive webinar moderated by Centre of Excellence for Digital Innovation Adam Binet. Students and classes are encouraged to ask questions in the chat, or can turn camera’s and microphones on to ask. Email adam.binet@gnb.ca for more information.

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