Experiential learning opportunity

The #UnHackathon Design Challenge is ready! Are you?

May 6th - May 21st
Areas of interest: and Problem Solving, Cybersecurity, Digital Citizenship, Digital Literacy

The #UnHackathon: where cybersafety meets creativity!

The #UnHackathon is presented in partnership with the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC).

Whether you call it project-based learning or gamified digital skills development, The #UnHackathon design challenge introduces the serious topic of disinformation in a fun and engaging way – plus … prizes!!The challenge is to create your own list of Key Indicators of Deception for spotting disinformation. What do you think are the red flags of an online scam, a misleading news article, or a false advertising campaign? Once you have your list of Key Indicators of Deception, create your entry to educate others about your list. You can make anything: video, blog, podcast, poster, song, webpage, game, whatever.

Entries open on May 6th and continue until May 21st 12pm EST.

For more information on how to register and participate click here!


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