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Climate Change Training Course

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Areas of interest: Environment, Science


The Climate Change Research program has developed two climate change training courses through the Climate Resilience Knowledge to Action project. These courses are free, online, self-guided, interactive courses which take approximately 3-4 hours each to complete.

Introduction to Global Society and Climate Change is a primer course for future climate change training. It explains key terminology, reviews climate change science, and describes different responses to climate change including adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Climate Change and the Yukon focuses on climate change impacts, risks, and responses specific to the Yukon. It also highlights organizations, groups, and policies that are relevant to climate change in the Yukon.

The information provided in these courses is accurate and relevant as of 2023. Due to the rapidly changing nature of climate change risks, impacts, and responses, these courses will require updating over time to remain relevant and accurate.

How to join

Go to Climate change | Yukon University to register for this free course.

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