Experiential learning opportunity

NAYGN Essay Contest

December 16th, 2022
Areas of interest: English Language Arts, Environment, Science


Research energy sources and climate change.  Propose an informed energy solution that limits climate change, allows developed countries to maintain their standard of living, and can provide reliable electricity to the 1.2 billion people currently without access to power.  Proposed energy solution should consider the environmental and practical benefits and consequences of baseload (e.g. nuclear, fossil, hydro) versus intermittent (e.g. wind or solar) sources.

Eligibility:  High School Student (Grades 9-12)

Due Date:  December 16, 2022

Prizes:       First place – Laptop

Second place – Chromebook

In addition, all top 3 finalists will receive science kits!

How to join

Email a PDF version to naif.siddiqui@gmail.com

For more info, visit 2022 Essay Contest | NAYGN

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