Grade 3 Lesson – Making My Community Better

Grade 3
Subjects: English Language Arts, Social Studies, You and Your World

Grade 3: Making My Community Better 

Grade 3 Essential Cross Curricular Question 

Line of Inquiry #3
Question: How can we use our strengths, skills and interests to make our community better? 

Teams of students will be asked to identify things that would make life better in their community. They will be asked to create a list and to categorize them as “Good for Me”, “Good For Others” and “Good for the Environment”.  Further, they will identify if these things will “Make Money”, “Cost Money”, or have “No Cost”. Teams will be asked to choose one thing from their list that they think would have the greatest impact in making life better in their community and prepare a brief presentation to convince the fictional Mayor (guest or teacher) that they should make this available to the community. 


  • Using a blank webbing template (attached), teams will brainstorm what could make their  community better.  Eg. Swimming pool, food bank, skate park, homeless shelters, recycling depots…  
  • Using the “Great Idea Planner” (attached), each student will sort their ideas into three categories: Good for Me (I will definitely use this), Good For Others (I might not use this but others will), Good for the Environment (Good for the planet) 
  • Once they have categorized their list, each student will decide if this service or activity will Make Money (Will people pay for it?), Cost Money (Will it be free?) or have No Cost.  
  • Each team member will share their “Great Idea Planner” with their team and rank their top three ideas that they think should be presented to the “Mayor”. After each member has shared their top three, the team will have to agree on which idea they want to present to the “Mayor”.   
  • Teams will use the “Our Market Research” (attached) template to conduct research to look at similar projects or ideas and to include these ideas in their pitch to the “Mayor”.  For example, if they picked a community swimming pool they would research what other swimming pools have to offer (water slides, splash parks, indoor pools, outdoor pools) include the features of other pools or add features they feel would make it better and the approximate cost. 
  • The team will make a pitch to the fictional “Mayor” (the guest or teacher) to get them to make this change in the community.  They need to make a strong argument that they have the best idea which will make their community better.  They will have to think about how many people will be affected by this change.  How much will it cost?  Specifically, how will it make life better? How will they measure the impact of their idea?  
  • They should create and present a poster or a computer graphic to illustrate what their idea will look like and how it will make the community a better place to live. 
  • The “Mayor” (guest teacher) may choose the top three ideas/projects that he or she would like to see in the community.  Consider, as a stretch activity, having students share their ideas with local government; either inviting officials hear their pitch or sending their posters/graphics to them. 

 What you’ll need 
Webbing Template for brainstorming (attached)
Great Idea Planner (attached)
Internet access for research
Our Market Research Survey template (attached)
Blank paper and art supplies for poster or computer access for computer graphics to support their pitch. 

Key Tasks
Web Diagram for brainstorming
Great Idea Planner
Market Research Survey 
Creating a Pitch for the Mayor
Creating a Graphic to support their pitch 

Skills that are developed through this lesson are: 

Entrepreneurial Skills
Creative problem-solver
Work Collaboratively
Innovation & open-mindedness
Time management & Organization

NB Global Competencies
Innovation Creativity and Entrepreneurship
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Sustainability and Global Citizenship