IDEA Market Kit for High School

Grades 9-12
Subjects: Business, Career Education, English Language Arts

IDEA Market Kit

The FREE IDEA Market Kit – A comprehensive guide to supporting enquiry based meaningful projects!

If you are an NB teacher or student, the PDF file attached to this page is waiting for your use.  As well, there is a Microsoft Word version available if you send a request to:

The IDEA Market resource is an open source material.  Please feel free to adapt, modify or create your own materials to create your desired market.  The order of the folders represents the structure that was used by teachers in the past but it is more of a menu than a script.

IDEA Markets background

IDEA Markets (virtual and face to face) are an evolution from the traditional market model to elevate the rigor and relevance of the students’ work by rooting it in the problems and interests of their communities and for which they have a passion.    In the spirit of the CARR Model (competency, autonomy, relatedness and relevancy), teachers invite students to research and conduct work that is significantly more meaningful and engaging than the traditional model.  IDEA Markets focus student projects on a problem-based learning experience designed to engage and amplify student creativity and innovation.   IDEA Markets are suitable for students ranging from grades 6 – 12 and the rigor and sophistication of the projects should be personalized to suit the skill and aptitude of each student.

The core of this project is to challenge students to identify problems and opportunities in their communities and then take action to engage and improve the issue they have chosen to focus on.

A successful IDEA Market project could still feature a product or service for sale but equally might include survey work, petitions, awareness raising campaigns, or fundraising.  The goal of a student’s IDEA Market project is to gain a deep understanding of an issue, share this knowledge and, in some cases, help improve the conditions in the community.