Experiential learning opportunity

Free Highschool Skill Development Workshops for Informal Caregivers of Seniors (NBCC Research Project)

Areas of interest: Careers, EAL, English Language Arts, Health, Personal Wellness

As the number of Canadians who are aging and living with a chronic progressive illness increases, so does the need for informal caregivers to provide in-home care. Many informal caregivers (family and friends) feel unprepared to care for seniors aging at home. With this research project, we hope to enhance the quality of informal care provided to seniors aging at home.

Involving high school students will also strengthen future healthcare and support of seniors and their families. The completion of these workshops by informal caregivers will positively impact their skills, abilities, and confidence to navigate senior care at home.

Goals and Expected Outcomes from the research

From this experience, students will be exposed and learn the basic skills of caregiving for a senior while in a supported Long Term Care Home with trained professionals.


Workshops are 4 days in total and the full schedule and locations can be found here LTC-Workshop Locations Sept 16 Final

  • We do suggest that the students coming to the Aging in Place Senior Care navigation workshops come for the full experience¬† and attend all 4 days.
  • This gives the Student, Informal Caregiver and Senior Aging in Place the ability to form relationships and observe the full program.

How to join

To learn about when and where the workshops are taking place please visit – Informal Caregivers (nbcc.ca)

For additional information or for any questions please contact Sonya Ducey Sonya.ducey@nbcc.ca or Jacquelyn Perry Jacquelyn.perry@nbcc.ca

Phone number (506) 643-3237 – Please leave a message.


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