Experiential learning opportunity

Teen Sleep Webinar Series and Sleep Challenge

All of NB
3-part series starting November 7th then November 14th, and 21st.
Areas of interest: Athletes, Business, Careers, EAL, Engineering, English Language Arts, Entrepreneurship, Environment, Exceptionalities, French Second Language, Health, Math, Personal Wellness, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Technology


COE Health and Sleep Well are thrilled to offer a gift of better sleep to the middle and high school students in New Brunswick.

Sleep is vital to people at any age but for teens, profound mental, physical, social, and emotional development requires healthy sleep. Sleep research suggests that teenagers require between 8 and 10 hours of sleep every night but studies show about 73% of Canadian teens get much less, about 6.5 to 7.5 hours per night.

Sleep deprivation can negatively impact a teen’s well-being in a number of ways including an inability to concentrate, poor academic performance, poor decision making, drowsy-driving, and mental health problems.

This is a program designed for teachers, coaches and parents to help teenagers understand their sleep, what obstacles they face to get a good night’s sleep, and strategies to overcome the challenges. There are 3 weeks of sleep challenges included in the series as well as sleep tracking materials that can be used to measure the sleep success of the participants.

The sessions will be recorded so the videos and materials can be accessed anytime. The videos are 35-45 minutes each.

The series will include:

Week 1- Sleep science, teen’s circadian rhythm, and the strategies to reduce screen time and optimize your bedroom environment for sleep.

  • Sleep challenge: Putting your devices away 1-hour before bedtime

Week 2-How sleep relates to our mental health, how sleep affects academic performance and athletic performance, caffeine, and strategies to create a sleep-promoting bedtime routine.

  • Sleep challenge: Getting at least 10 minutes of exercise and natural sunlight

Week 3-Sleep and stress, learning an active relaxation practice to help teens quiet their busy brains for sleep.

  • Sleep challenge: Practice an active relaxation technique daily

How to Join

Click the link below to register for the challenge.


Marlee Boyle is a registered respiratory therapist, certified in clinical sleep health and has spent almost 10 years working in a sleep disorder clinic and lab.

Her specialties include treating sleep disordered breathing and insomnia through cognitive behavioural therapy. Marlee works directly with sleep medicine patients, families and practitioners to coordinate and manage patient care, improve outcomes, educate clients and the community, and advocate for the importance of good sleep in healthcare.

Marlee’s goal is to change the culture of sleeplessness, as well as promote individuals to take control of their health and wellness by making sleep a priority in their lives.