Why is renewable energy important?

Grades 9-12
Subjects: English Language Arts


In this multi-genre unit, students will interact with a variety of resources encompassing the topic of renewable energy.  Students will the complete one or more of the prescribed assignments from the choice board.

What you’ll need

  • Unit plan PDF
  • Device with internet access


  1. Download the Why is Renewable Energy Important? ELA Multi-genre unit PDF
  2. Provide students with links to resources or watch as a class
  3. Discuss content as a class to gauge understanding
  4. Assign one of the choices from the choice board provided in the attachment

NB Curricular Outcomes

English Language Arts General Outcomes 9-12

  • GCO#1 – Students will build understanding by listening to, reading, and viewing a range of spoken, written, and visual texts representing all voices.
  • GCO#2 – Students will respond personally and critically to the works of authors, creators, illustrators, and speakers.
  • GCO#3 – Students will speak, write, and represent to learn about self, others, and the world.
  • GCO#4 – Students will create texts, collaboratively and independently, for specific audiences and purposes.

NB Global Competencies

Sustainability.pdf (


Thank you to Colleen Flower and Justine Jones from KVHS for creating this resource.


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