Experiential learning opportunity

Automatic Millionaire Book Study Session 5

February 15, 2024
Areas of interest: Financial Literacy

Accelerate Your Path to Financial Freedom: Automatic Millionaire Book Study for Teachers

Are you interested in taking control of your finances and expediting your journey to financial freedom? We’re excited to announce an upcoming book study for, presented with partners at CBDC teachers on the bestselling book “The Automatic Millionaire” by David Bach.

This practical personal finance book provides a simple, automated system to build wealth even on a modest salary. Throughout multiple sessions across this school year, we’ll explore lessons from the book including:

  • The “set it and forget it” system of paying yourself first
  • How to automate saving and investing
  • The power of starting early and compound interest
  • Overcoming obstacles that derail financial goals
  • Strategies to build net worth on a teacher’s salary
  • And much more!

Through reading and discussing this book, you’ll learn an accessible approach to money management that prioritizes saving and investing as a regular expense. By implementing these automatic, “no budget” systems you can reach financial freedom.

We look forward to diving into these transformative lessons and having thought-provoking discussions around the book’s core concepts. Please join us in this journey to financial empowerment! Details on the book study schedule and session dates will be shared soon.

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