Speaker series

Lauchlan Ough of Cypher Creative: My Journey to Becoming an Entrepreneur

Lauchlan Ough


Please join Lauchlan Ough, Founder and Chief Filmmaker of Cypher Creative and the COE Entrepreneurship Lead, Jill Shaw to view the 45-minute recorded session for Entrepreneurship Week!

Are you interested in pursuing a career in film and creative media? Then you won’t want to miss out on this exciting webinar video featuring Lauchlan, the founder of Cypher Creative, a successful film company. Lauchlan takes us on a journey from being a high school Cooperative Education film student to travelling the world for different projects and eventually owning his own film company. He shares his definition of success and the challenges he faced starting a business during Covid. You’ll learn about the benefits of being your own boss and gain valuable insights into marketing strategies for the film industry. Don’t miss this chance to gain inspiration and valuable knowledge from a successful entrepreneur in the creative media industry. Watch the webinar video now and discover how you can make your dreams a reality!



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