Exploring Canada’s energy future

Grades 9-12
Subjects: Career Education, Science, Social Studies


This guide has been created to support teachers in using the Exploring Canada’s Energy Future Interactive Tool with their students available at

 This interactive tool allows users to explore how possible energy futures might unfold for Canadians over the long term.  This analysis is not a prediction of what will take place, nor does it aim to achieve certain goals like Canada’s climate targets. Rather, Exploring Canada’s Energy Future employs economic and energy models to make projections — based on a certain set of assumptions — given past and recent trends related to technology, energy and climate policies, human behaviour, and the structure of the economy.

What you’ll need?

  • An internet-enabled device
  • guide
  • Student handouts


The activities in this guide have been designed to promote small group and whole class discussion on

factors that affect energy consumption and production trends, anchored in evidence provided by the online tool.

The development of media literacy skills has also been targeted by demonstrating how different stakeholders can use the information to support their own energy “stories.” As such, the guide seeks to highlight the nature of geographical thinking, which is more than memorizing facts and figures. Rather, students are asked to analyze elements of time, place, and energy through various economic, political, technological, cultural, and environmental lenses.

NB Curricular Outcomes

Science 6 – 10

SCO 2.1 – Students will consider factors that support responsible application of scientific and technological knowledge and demonstrate an understanding of sustainable practices.

NB Global Competencies

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Activity downloaded from Let’s Talk Energy – Exploring Canada’s Energy Future (



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