Experiential learning opportunity

Electricity Fundamentals in Canada (EFiC) Course – A Professional Learning Opportunity for Educators

Areas of interest: Business, Careers, Engineering, Environment, Science, Technology

Electricity Fundamentals in Canada (EFiC) was developed by Electricity Canada and serves as a 101 course focused on the life cycle of electricity, from generation to end use. (EFiC) is a unique post-secondary level course that provides a high level, cross cutting overview of the entire industry, ranging from nomenclature, technologies, issues, challenges, and the future. The content ranges from a discussion of atoms, electrons, kWh’s, and kW’s, through additional topics such as generation, renewables, transmission, distribution, power marketers, the customer, conservation, beyond the meter, how utilities are paid, the regulatory structure in Canada, how electrons flow across North America, the role of Electricity Canada, NERC, FERC, and much more.

This course which is sponsored by NB Power is open to educators in the anglophone sector who want to increase their own energy literacy.  The course is self-paced and meant to be completed at your leisure. There are limited spots, so register by clicking here today!

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