Speaker series

Geothermal Technology at UNB

Aaron Brown


This presentation will discuss geothermal technology and how it is being used at UNB.  Below the Earths surface the ground temperature is constant throughout the year, usually hovering between 4°C and 10°C.  Geothermal is the process of using the ground to heat and cool our buildings.

Aaron Brown (he/him) is the Energy Officer for UNB Sustainability. Aaron focuses on the advancement of UNB as a leader in Sustainability through the implementation of energy programs. He is responsible for facilitating and supporting approaches to improving the overall energy composition at UNB. This includes projects under the Climate Change Action Plan.

Aaron has completed a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies at St. Thomas University and a Masters in Environmental Management at UNB. He is passionate about sustainability and believes the first step in sustainable development is making change at the local level.

Follow-up Activity

Geothermal challenge | Centre of Excellence for Energy (centresofexcellencenb.ca)

To connect with Aaron or other energy experts in NB, contact the COE Energy Lead at coe@gnb.ca 

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