Income Visualizer – An App for Middle and High School

Grades 9-12
Subjects: Mathematics



In this activity, students will use an online application to visualize their income taxes using the gross income of their dream career. The application shows calculations for the Canada pension plan, employment insurance, deductions, taxable and net income, along with provincial and federal taxes using tax bracket data.

NB Curricular Connections

Geometry, Measurement, and Finance 10

Strand: Number, Big Idea: Financial Applications, Skill Descriptor: Apply the understanding of income to calculate gross pay and net pay

What You’ll Need

  • Internet access to Tax Visualizer for NB Students:
  • Laptops, Tablets or Smartphones
  • CBDC Financial Literacy videos (as a supplement resource) Financial Literacy | CBDC


  1. Display vocabulary words to students – Vocabulary: Gross Income, Taxable Income, Net Income, Provincial/Federal Taxes, CPP, EI
  2. Think-Pair-Share: Have students write as much as they know about each word. After 3-5 minutes, allow them to share their answers with a partner. Their partners can add to their definitions of words. Discuss vocabulary and address any misconceptions students have regarding vocabulary words.
  3. Model an example of how to use the Income Visualizer for NB Students. Hover over key vocabulary words to allow their definitions to appear.
  4. Optional: Use Activity 1.1 Income Vocabulary to reinforce or review vocabulary. Definitions can be found by hovering over words with mouse on the website.
  5. Ask students to determine the starting gross income of their dream job.
  6. Review Activity 1.2 Student Exploration to ensure learners are aware of your expectations for the exploration.
  7. Have students reflect on their learning (1.3 Income Visualizer Reflection)
  8. Pair-Share: Allow students to share their reflections with a partner. Reflect as a class by asking students to contribute salient points from discussions with their partners.

Extension Ideas

  • Students can use the Canada Revenue Agency website to determine ways in which they can reduce their taxable income.
  • Students can use their net income calculations to then create a monthly budget.

Reflection Activity

Coming soon

Global Competencies

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