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Wildlife Wednesday Series – Explore Careers in the Outdoor Industry with Rob Neish

Rob Neish


Do you and your middle or high school students want to learn more about different paths that can lead to career opportunities in the outdoor industry?

Rob Neish has made a career working in the outdoors in a variety of capacities. While much of is working background is in forestry, he has a passion for outdoor adventure and outdoor education and continues to actively seek out adventures and provide instruction to others that want to develop outdoor skills and leadership abilities.

Rob is currently the Trails Development Officer at Tourism NB and works with a variety of stakeholders to develop and promote trails of all kinds in NB. Rob is a former instructor at the Maritime College of Forest Technology in Fredericton where he taught courses such as Outdoor Survival, Navigation and Field Skills. Rob is an avid paddler and paddling instructor and is happiest when on a river in a canoe or kayak.

Rob will discuss how choosing a career is not always a clear path and how discovering what you are passionate about can help to create a fulfilling professional and personal life.

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