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FESTO Automation MecLabs

All of NB
Areas of interest: Manufacturing, Technology


Automation technology is one of the most important growth technologies in the world. Automated systems are to be found in virtually every area of life today and manufacturing industry relies significantly on these systems. With MecLab®, secondary pupils gain insights into one of the most significant fields of application for automation technology – production technology.

The three MecLab® stations represent simplified models of typical processes to be found in any automated production plant. The individual stations have different functions:

  • The Stacking Magazine station contains a workpiece storage container and a feed separator.
  • The Conveyor station can transport and sort workpieces.
  • The Handling station can grip the workpieces and deposit them at defined points.

The MecLab® stations can be used alone. Each one performs a practical function in itself, offering a wide
range of learning possibilities and subject matter. In addition, the stations can be joined together to form more complex “production lines”. This results in many opportunities for project work. Thus, after a short initial training period, pupils can take on the role of engineer and start working with MecLab®. By interchanging components, the standard exercises can be expanded and changed.

MecLab® is delivered in practical, stackable systainers, which function as storage units as well as transport
packaging. MecLab® is delivered fully assembled and ready for immediate use. MecLab® is sturdy and fully capable of withstanding the rigors of a school environment.

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For more detailed information about the program and the requirements to bring this to your school, please contact Arnell McDonald at arnellmcd@skillscanada.com about this experiential learning opportunity.

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