Experiential learning opportunity

Heavy Equipment Operators Simulator

All of NB
Areas of interest: Skilled Trades, Technology



Recognizing that Heavy Equipment Operators (HEO) is one of many skilled professions in trades, transport and equipment operators that will be critical in the next 10 years, the NB Roadbuilders Association in partnership with PETL, have funded the creation of a transport trailer with 12 computer simulators to create an enhanced coop opportunity for high school students.

This enhanced coop program will expose students to the opportunities that exist in the construction sector, specifically for the role as a heavy equipment operator. Students will participate in training and a co-op placement.  Successful students will earn:

  • Coop 120 credits (3 is suggested)
  • Certificate from Roadbuilders Association and EECD

The coop placement time will be divided between working on the simulators to get a basic competency of use of three pieces of construction equipment (skid steer, backhoe and wheel loader) and a traditional coop placement. The time students spend working on the simulators will count towards their coop placement hours.

Students participating in the enhanced HEO coop program will see their semester divided into three parts:

  • Part 1 will be spent with their Coop Teacher, preparing for their work placement, learning the fundamentals of being work ready, including creating cover letters and resume and interview preparation (approximately 3 weeks).
  • Part two the students are in the mobile classroom, working through the benchmarks for the three pieces of construction equipment on the simulators. Students will also be hearing from guest speakers to learn more about the construction sector, apprenticeships, and workplace safety (approximately 5 weeks).
  • Part three of the semester students will be in a traditional coop placement in the construction sector (approximately 10 weeks)


For more detailed information about the program and the requirements to bring this to your school, please contact K12.EnhancedCoop@gnb.ca about this experiential learning opportunity.

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