Building and Measuring with Minecraft: A Lesson on Area and Volume

Grades 6-8
Subjects: Mathematics


In this lesson, students will use Minecraft Education, a game-based platform that inspires creative, inclusive learning through play, to explore the concepts of area and volume. They will learn how to measure and calculate the area and volume of different shapes and structures using blocks in Minecraft. They will also apply their knowledge and skills to design and build their own creations and solve real-world problems.

By the end of this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Define and identify area and volume as attributes of two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes
  • Use arrays and formulas to find the area and volume of rectangles, squares, and right prisms
  • Compare and contrast the area and volume of different shapes and structures
  • Use Minecraft blocks as units of measurement and estimation
  • Create and present their own Minecraft projects that demonstrate their understanding of area and volume


NB Curricular Connections

Math 6-8

  • Strand: Shape and Space – Big Idea: Measurement
  • Strand: Number – Big Idea: Number Sense

What You’ll Need


  • Review the lesson plan and the materials before the class. Make sure you have everything you need and that you understand the objectives and the activities.
  • Introduce the lesson to the students and explain what they will learn and do. Activate their prior knowledge and interest by asking them questions or showing them examples related to the topic.
  • Guide the students through the activities in Minecraft Education. Monitor their progress and provide feedback and support as needed. Encourage them to collaborate and communicate with their peers and to be creative and curious.
  • Conclude the lesson by having the students reflect on their learning and present their projects. Assess their understanding and skills using the criteria and methods you have chosen. Celebrate their achievements and provide suggestions for improvement or extension.
Reflection Activity

Please see the attached PDF for several choices on how you and your learners can reflect upon today’s activity.


  1. Minecraft Education: