3-5 Allied Health Board Game

Grade 3-5
Subjects: Literacy, Personal Wellness, Social Studies


This board game will allow students to explore more about the different career pathways within the Allied Health field.

NB Curriculum Outcomes

Personal Wellness 3-5

Strand: Career Connected Learning

  • Big Idea: Exploring Potential Career Pathways
    • Skill Descriptor: Critically investigate and describe the labor market and preferred career pathways.
  • Big Idea: Thinking about Potential Career Pathways
    • Skill Descriptor: Demonstrate an informed vision for the future linked to own interests, preferences, values, and abilities.

NB Global Competencies

What You’ll Need

  • A few small figures or counters in different colors
  • Printable board game (included)
  • Allied Health Activity Power Point
  • Board game rules and answer key (included)
  • Allied Health definition sheet (included)
  • 1 dice per group


  1. Ask students: “Who works in a hospital?” Allow students a few minutes to discuss with each other and then share their responses with the class.
  2. Ask students about the term Allied Health and what they think it is.
  3. Together, view the Allied Health PowerPoint highlighting the various Allied Health workers in our New Brunswick healthcare system.
  4. Read over the rules of the board game together and put students into groups of 2-4 or do as a whole class via Smart Board. Then, it is GAME TIME!
  5. As a reflection, allow students to share something new that they learned by viewing the presentation and/or playing the Allied Health board game.

Career Connections

Use these questions to guide a discussion around Allied Health Careers in New Brunswick:

  • Beside hospitals in New Brunswick, where else do allied health professionals work?
  • What would be the consequences if there was a worker shortage in one or all these locations?
  • What skills do you think would be important to become a successful allied health professional?