5210- Sugar Relay

Grades K-5
Subjects: Health, Physical Education, You and Your World

5210 A Way of Life is an initiative that promotes healthy behaviours and environments. The simple 5210 messages encourage eating well and being active every day, two important habits for good health.  The following activity supports the “Drink more water! 0 sugar added beverages” message. It promotes water as first choice and helps students realize how much sugar is in certain drinks.

What you’ll need:

  • The 5210 A Way of Life Resource Kit (PDF Attached)
  • The 5210 A Way of Life Teacher Presentation  5210 Presentation
  • Sugar cubes and beverages cards (print twice, you need 2 packs of 16 cards – They will also need to be cut).
  • Drink More Water! handout


  • Review the 5210 A Way of Life Tool Kit (PDF Attached)
  • Watch the 5210 presentation to learn more about the program.

Setup: Divide the class into 2 groups. Put each set of cards on the floor or tables at the end of the classroom.

Before you start:

Use the Drink More Water! handout to explain the benefits of drinking water. Skip over the part stating the amount of sugar in drinks (these are the activity answers).

How to play:

  • Once cards are placed on one side of the classroom, teams will line up on the opposite side.
  • Each player will take turns running to pick up a card and bring it back to their team.
  • When the teams have all their cards, they need to associate the beverages with their respective sugar amounts.
  • The first team to correctly complete the association game wins!
Water 0 cubes
100% Orange juice 6 cubes
Pop 7 cubes
Plain milk 3 cubes
Chocolate milk 6 cubes
Lemonade 7 cubes
Fruit punch juice box 6 cubes
Slush 8 cubes


*Note: This table shows the average amount of sugar in each type of drink for 1 cup (250ml). The amount of sugar in drinks may vary depending on the manufacturer. 4g sugar = 1 tsp (5ml)  

NB Curricular Outcomes

Grade K-2: Healthy Lifestyles

K 2.2 identify and explain types of activities that support a healthy lifestyle

1.3.3 identify habits and products that are harmful to our health

2.4.1 understand, develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle

Grade 3-5: Wellness

1.1 recognize the importance of healthy eating and regular physical activity for a healthy lifestyle

1.2 describe personal habits that contribute to improved health

1.1 assess personal health habits and their relationship to wellness

1.2 analyze the impact of using strategies to promote healthy growth and development

NB Global Competencies

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Collaboration.pdf (

Communication.pdf (


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