Balanced Snack Creations

Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12
Subjects: Personal Wellness


The following lesson was created in collaboration with the Centre of Excellence for Health and the University of New Brunswick’s Education students (Health Education K-12 ED 4451).
In this activity the students will be making two types of protein balls for a balanced snack. Students will discuss what they think is included in a balanced snack and give examples.
As a class you will discuss the importance of different nutrients in the body including how nutrients can be included in balanced snacks.  After students make the protein balls each student will be encourages to bring in their own balanced snack recipe from home to share with the class to start creating a class recipe book of balanced snacks.

NB Curriculum Outcomes

Personal Wellness 6-8: 

  • Strand: Wellness
    • Big Ideas: Healthy Lifestyle
      • Skill Descriptor:
        • 6: Examine personal health habits and their impact on the seven domains of wellness.
        • 7: Describe the impact of health habits on self and community.
        • 8: Evaluate the impact of health habits on self and community well-being.
    • Big Idea: Helpful and Harmful Choices
      • Skill Descriptor:
        • 6: Describe factors that influence food, substance, and screen time use/misuse.
        • 7: Describe the impacts of food, substance, and screen time use/misuse on health and well-being.
        • 8: Evaluate the impacts of food, screen time, and substance use/misuse on self and community.

Personal Wellness 9

  • Strand: Wellness
    • Big Idea: Healthy Lifestyle
      • Skill Descriptor: Demonstrate knowledge of health habits that have a positive impact on self.
  • Strand: Wellness
    • Big Idea: Helpful and Harmful Choices
      • Skill Descriptor: Apply strategies that have a positive impact on food, screen time, and substance use/misuse.

What you’ll need

  • Protein Balls Recipe – one copy for each group
  • Vegan Protein Balls Recipe – one copy for each group
  • Recipe Book Title Page
  • Recipe Card – at least one copy for each student
  • Ingredients for both recipes
  • Materials for baking
    • Bowl, spoon, container or Ziploc bag
  • Access to a refrigerator
  • Clean surface to work on


  1. Have a discussion with your students about food choices that contribute to a healthy diet (Groups may do research to participate in this conversation).
    1. What nutrients are important for a healthy diet?
    2. Why is protein important?
    3. Look at the recipes for this activity and assess what nutrients are included.
  2. Separate students into small groups, pass out Protein Balls and Vegan Protein Balls Recipes.
  3. Have each group prepare a clean working station and clean their hands.
  4. Gather materials and ingredients for preparing the protein balls.
  5. Make the protein balls.
  6. Put the protein balls in sealed containers in the refrigerator.
  7. While the protein balls are cooling, students will collaborate by discussing ideas of balanced snacks or snacks they already enjoy.
    1. Pass out the Recipe Cards to students. Have them complete the cards with a recipe they discussed in their group or with a different balanced recipe they wish to share.
    2. Allow students to bring in their completed cards over a few days and then assemble a recipe book together.
    3. Your class may opt to complete the Recipe Cards virtually in which case the Recipe Book could be made digitally.
  8. Take the protein balls out of the fridge when ready and enjoy!

Career Connections


In what careers might healthy eating and cooking be part of the job?

  • Dietitian
  • Restaurant cook
  • Personal chef

Who may benefit from high protein snacks ?

  • Professional athletes
  • Those recovering from injury
  • Everybody, because everyone needs protein!

Reflection Activity

Please see the attached PDF for several choices on how you and your learners can reflect upon today’s activity.

Global Competencies