Envisioning a Future in Health with Horizon Health

Grades 9-12
Subjects: Career Education, EAL, English Language Arts, Health, PDCP, Personal Wellness, Science


Students will view a video from Horizon Health that highlights career opportunities here in New Brunswick.  Using the career pathways page on the COE Health website, students will choose and explore a career of interest. With the storyboard from the Horizon video as an example, they will create a story board for a video that would outline the steps they might take to pursue their career of interest (high school courses, post-secondary, volunteer experience, work placements, etc…).

What you’ll need



  • Ask students to consider careers in the Health sector.
    • Students will list the careers that they are aware of, in the form of a mind map (grouping and organizing in categories)
    • Ask students to turn to an elbow partner and share responses, expanding their own list through collaboration
    • Finally, ask students to share ideas in a whole group discussion and record responses on the board
  • Distribute the Horizon Health story board and script handout.
    • Provide 10 minutes for students to read through the script. Discuss how specific and detailed the planning is.  What are some things that need to be considered before filming starts (camera angles, setting, cuts, location, props, people featured, etc.)?
  • Show students the Horizon Health video. Questions for discussion:
    • Have you ever considered a career in the Health sector?
    • If you worked in the Health sector, what are some things that you could imagine yourself doing?
    • Do you think there are opportunities to work in a Health-related field here in New Brunswick?
  • Explain to students that they will first research a career pathway of interest and then demonstrate learning in the form of a story board, script, or video (or student may propose another way to demonstrate learning). Distribute the list of careers from Horizon Health and direct them to the “Career Pathways” section of the COE Health website (link).
    • Ask students to choose and research one career or pathway in the Health sector. Using the links below, students will research the career and consider the steps they might take on a journey to gain the skills, knowledge and training required for employment.
    • Provide the Horizon Career Guide (PDF Attached),   Careers in Health Care (, and COE for Health link to search Career Pathways.
    • Distribute research handout and support students as they discover and record answers to the following:
      • What are some of the main duties you would perform if employed in this career (check,  Careers in Health Care ( – occupational profiles)
      • What are some skills that you would need to develop in order to perform these duties well (consider both hard skills and soft skills)?
      • During your time in high school, what are some ways that you might develop skills that could contribute to success in this career? Provide examples.
      • Research and explain the employment requirements and training required to work in this field (Horizon Career Guide/ / COE Health Career Profiles)
      • What do you envision your workday looking like, if were employed in this career?
      • Thinking about your personal characteristics (attitudes, interests, skills), your personal goals, and your desired future, why might this career path be a good choice for you?
    • Explain to students that, once the research is complete, they can begin working on the script and story board. The goal is to create a “Hey You” video that outlines a path that a student might take beginning with high school course selection and ending in the chosen career.  It will be important to outline all required skill development and training / continued education, and important considerations regarding working conditions and main duties.
    • Work with the class to co-construct a rubric that students will use to self-assess the work. Consider the goals of the assignment (outcomes from a particular course) – what learnings should the student demonstrate in the work and what will success look like?


Optional extension

  • Ask the students to get into a group and select one of the scripts they would like to place into a “Hey You” video. The video should be marketed towards NB students and showcase the jobs available at Horizon Health.
  • Share the videos with the Centres of Excellence lead ( and the video may be shared and showcased on the COE website. Your class could win a Class PRIZE as well.
  • Work with the Centres of Excellence lead ( to pair the student with an employee currently working in this role in New Brunswick for a virtual presentation, mentorship, or experiential learning opportunity.


NB Curricular Outcomes

Languages Arts 9-12:

Students will be expected to speak and listen to explore, extend, clarify, and reflect on their thoughts, ideas, feelings, and experiences.

Students will be expected to interpret, select, and combine information, using a variety of strategies, resources, and technologies.


Career Exploration 110:

1.3 Identify potential career areas that might suit personal characteristics

1.4 Identify gateways to a wide variety of careers – university, college, military, apprenticeship, entrepreneurship, work etc


Personal Development and Career Planning 10:

3.2 Discover the skills, knowledge and attitudes that are necessary for success in a variety of work roles and environments

3.4 Explore the realities and requirements of various education, training, and work settings

4.5 Engage in decision making that is supportive of one’s work/life goals

NB Global Competencies

Self-Awareness and Self-Management

Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship