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KIDS COOKING CLUB – Recipes for K-5, 6-8

All of NB
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Areas of interest: French Second Language, Health, Nutrition, Personal Wellness


Are your students ready to start learning about food preparation? This resource takes you to the KIDS COOKING CLUB page, on the Teach Nutrition Maritimes website. These recipes have been developed by the team of Registered Dietitians at Dairy Farmers of Canada. They strive to make food and nutrition education fun and engaging. Through their website they provide credible, evidence-based information about all types of foods. Their mission is to nurture a love of food through learning!

KIDS COOKING CLUB is a great place to start if you’re looking for fun options for students to start learning kitchen skills. The recipes are written in a kid-friendly format which helps to engage ALL learners. Your involvement as a teacher or parent will depend on student experiences with food preparation. You may need to assist with tasks such as chopping fruits and vegetables, and blender or oven usage may vary based on what works for your household or classroom. Additionally, many recipes are no-bake which can make them easy to adopt in the classroom. The recipes are updated based on the season, so we encourage you to re-visit this learning opportunity throughout the year to see if any new recipes catch your eye. By following these recipes, students will learn basic cooking skills and gain experience in the kitchen. They will also practice their math and reading skills by completing the recipes. Happy learning!

KIDS COOKING CLUB is available in both English and French. To change language preferences, see the drop-down menu in the top left corner of the website.

How to join

Click the link below and explore the recipes available on the Kids Cooking Club page.

Kids Cooking Club

Feel free to look around the website for other nutrition activities while you’re there.

Teach Nutrition Maritimes




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