Experiential learning opportunity

Outdoor Education Programs with Ducks Unlimited in NB

All of NB
Areas of interest: Environment, Outdoor Pursuits, Personal Wellness, Physical Education


Are you an educator looking to take your kids outside for a day? Are you and your students interested in learning about wetlands and wildlife in New Brunswick? Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) offers a wide variety of outdoor activities that are suitable for all levels. All of DUCs outdoor education programs are tied to the K-12 curriculums! Additional resources are available, free and posted here link for educators to explore.

DUCs have fun and interactive options for teachers and students that wish to learn more about wetlands and conservation from the comfort of their own classroom. Please check out the link for more information regarding the DUC online learning programs.

How to join

Please reach out to Sam Brewster at s_brewster@ducks.ca or (506) 458-8848 to organize a hands-on learning experience for your students. If given enough time, all programs can be personally tailor to match your classroom needs and curriculum outcomes for your students.


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