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GAP Year Presentation with Michelle Dittmer for Students and Staff

Michelle Dittmer


Join the Centers of Excellence for Health, Tricia Berry and Michelle Dittmer, Canada’s leading gap year expert to learn more about taking a Gap Year, who can take a Gap year, what to do during a Gap year and explore how a Gap year can impact post- secondary pathways.

Professionally, Michelle is first and foremost an educator and youth advocate.  She believes youth hold a superpower in innovative thinking, provide incredible value to society and it is our collective responsibility to listen, make space and empower youth voice in all areas.

Michelle has taught grades 4 through college, developed international service-learning programs, nurtured educational partnerships with school boards from coast to coast, and developed youth policy.  Having a finger on the pulse of the needs of young people, combining their need for experiential learning and developing reflective and values-aligned practices, she founded the Canadian Gap Year Association to raise the profile of gap year as a solution to mental health, financial need, career education, and filling the skill gap.

Michelle also values her role as wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, mentor, volunteer and active community member.

To extend the learning opportunity the following resources are available:

EECD Resource Bundles – G10_CareerPathwayDesign_GapYearResourceBundle_En – All Documents (sharepoint.com)

Gap year resources, programs and events in Canada | CanGap Association

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