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PL: K-2 Explore Your World while Learning Outdoors with Kari Parsons from ASD-S

Kari Parsons, ASD-S


This 30-minute recorded session is for all primary educators interested in Learning Outdoors with their class! We’ll get to hear from Subject Coordinator, Kari Parsons (ASD-S), on tips and tricks for Outdoor Learning, as well as a plethora of learning activities directly connected to Explore Your World (strands of Wellness and Diversity and Social Responsibility) that were co-created by an incredible team of educators in ASD-S. No matter your experience with Outdoor Learning, Kari is sure to bring new ideas and spark a renewed passion to take learning outside!

Kari Parsons (MSc., B.Ed., B.Sc. Kin.) is the Subject Coordinator for Physical Education, Health and Learning Outdoors in Anglophone School District- South.  An educator with 18 years of teaching experience, Kari strongly believes in lifelong learning and aspires to create learning environments that engage participants while helping them meet their curricular outcomes.  She loves being outdoors and sharing her passion with others so that they too can enjoy the benefits of nature.

All teachers can receive electronic resources of the content covered in the session, as well as be put into a draw for a Class Set of Clipboards – handy for any Outdoor Learning task if they complete our Post-Assessment Form before Friday, June 7th, 2024.

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