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Malley Industries – Manufacturing Matters! Virtual Presentation

Malley Industries


Unlocking the Future of Ambulance & Vehicle Modification

Interested in modifying cars? At Malley Industries, not only do they modify vehicles, they manufacture all the components to create the incredibly versatile ambulances and specialty vehicles like wheelchair accessible vans. They provide these vehicles for customers across New Brunswick, Canada and the US. View this presentation to learn about the exciting career opportunities and the processes in making all the components as we convert cargo vans into emergency and mobility vehicles. Explore the different skills and trades that makes this manufacturing process possible. Join Deji Ayoola, P.Eng, Engineering and product development manager at Malley Industries as he presents about their facility that works to help enhance and improve the mobility of individuals with disabilities and the ambulances that save lives.

Malley Industries Manufacturing Matters! Virtual Presentation Transcript

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