211 Lesson Plans

Grades 6-8
Subjects: Personal Wellness


211 is an anonymous, free, and confidential service that anyone can call to get information for a non-emergency personal need. Trained Community Navigators from 211 will listen and then direct callers to resources, programs and services to offer support. 211 NB has created lessons which feature role play, discussion, and even a mock call, in hopes to provide all Grades 6-8 students the information and confidence they need to be able to use this service at any time.

NB Curricular Outcomes

Personal Wellness 6-8

Strand: Wellness

  • Big Idea: Personal Safety 
    • Skill Descriptor: Explain how media and technology influence health and well-being.

  • Big Idea: Helpful and Harmful Choices
    • Skill Descriptor: Describe factors that influence food, substance, and screen time use/misuse.

Strand: Mental Fitness

  • Big Idea: Positive Mental Health
  • Big Idea: Decision Making
    • Skill Descriptor: Describe how decision-making impacts personal wellness.

NB Global Competencies



Critical thinking and Problem-solving

Self Awareness and Self-management

What you’ll need

  • 211 Lesson Plans
  • Telephone Access (for a 211 call)
  • Access to research tools (for Grade 8 lesson only)


  1. Start by printing. All instructions are included in the 211 PDF Lesson Plans attached for Grade 6, Grade 7 and Grade 8.

Career Connections

To learn more about 211 and the Community Navigators, please reach out to the 211 NB Director of Community Engagement: