Find the Allied Health Professional – K-2 Lesson

Grades K-5
Subjects: Career Education, Health, Personal Wellness, Science, Technology, You and Your World


This Allied Health activity will introduce students to other careers, besides doctors and nurses, within the Healthcare system. It will give them a solid foundation of the allied health professionals’ roles and the services they offer to patients here in New Brunswick.

What you’ll need

  • Allied Health Careers presentation (PowerPoint included)
  • Printable Allied Health Career Posters (included)


  1. Prep the room for the activity. Tape profession posters (included) around the room.
  2. Begin with a discussion about different careers within a hospital:
    1. Have you been to the hospital?
    2. Who usually helps you at the hospital?
    3. Who works in a hospital?
  3. Read through the Allied Health career presentation with students.
  4. Before beginning the game, identify and read out all the career posters around the room so that the students have a good idea of where each sheet is located. Ask and discuss what each of those people do.
  5. Game time!
    1. Read out each scenario and allow 10 to 20 seconds for the students to talk to each other.
    2. Once they are done discussing, have them walk to the career poster they deem would correspond to the scenario.
    3. Then, announce the correct answer to that scenario and explain why.
  6. Reflection: After the game is finished, ask students the question, “Who works in a hospital?” again, and see whether they can name more than just doctors and nurses now.

Career Mindfulness

  1. Discuss with students how these allied health professionals work together or depend on each other in a hospital setting?
  2. Discuss about the consequences of when there is shortage in one of these professions?
    1. Example: What happen to patients is when there is not enough paramedics (or other allied health professionals)?
  3. What are some interpersonal traits you think are important to be a good (successful) allied health professionals?
    1. Example: punctuality, attentive, patience …

Below is the PowerPoint for the Lesson

Allied Health Activity

NB Curricular Outcomes

You & Your World


  • K 1.7 communicate effectively, solve problems, and demonstrate conflict-resolution skills
  • K 4.2 demonstrate an awareness of safety in the community.
  • K 4.3 demonstrate an awareness of the need for personal safety in the home, school, and community, and be able to act accordingly.

Grade 1

  • 1.1 demonstrate an understanding of the importance of interactions between people.
  • 3.1 understand, develop, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • 4.6 demonstrate an understanding of how communities depend on each other for the exchange of goods and services.

Grade 2

  • 3.1 appreciate the changing nature of work; and
  • 4.2 appreciate the need for safety and self-protection in the home, school and in the community.


  • GCO 1: Students will speak and listen to explore, extend, clarify, and reflect on their

thoughts, ideas, feelings, and experiences.

  • GCO 2: Students will be able to communicate information and ideas effectively and

clearly, and to respond personally and critically.

Physical Education

  • GCO 1: Students will develop competency in a variety of movement concepts and skills in a diverse range of activities and environments

NB Global Competencies

Collaboration.pdf (

Communication.pdf (

CriticalThinking.pdf (



  • Printable Allied Health Profession Sheets PDF