Experiential learning opportunity

REAL WORLD Labour Market High School Challenge 2022-23

All of NB
Sept 2022-May 2023
Areas of interest: Business, Careers, EAL, English Language Arts, Entrepreneurship, Environment, Exceptionalities, Health, Personal Wellness, Science, Social Studies, Technology

What is the Real World Labour Market High School Challenge??

Between September 2022 and May 2023, educators have an opportunity to complete a Real World Labour Market Challenge where their high school classes will be finding solutions to labour market challenges facing New Brunswick. By the end of the semester, educators will:

1) Be granted $250 through the school district to be used for:

  • paid release time (full or half day) to complete the Career Connected Learning modules and/or
  • classroom supplies and resources

2) Complete the three Career Connected Learning modules.

3) Use or adapt any of the lesson plans and resources to address the LMI challenges submitted by the Government of New Brunswick.

4) Create a final project with their classroom that best exemplifies their solutions to challenges.

5) Deliver a survey for students to complete about their experience.

Overview :

The Real-World Labour Market Challenge is a collaborative project between the Government of New Brunswick’s Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD), the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training, and Labour (PETL), and the Canadian Career Development Foundation (CCDF).

Created as a response to a growing need for career education integrated throughout the curriculum. The Real World Labour Market Challenge includes a series of Career Connected problem-based lesson plans that allow students to see themselves outside of the classroom, understand their role in the labour market, and use information that directly affects their communities, and their careers.

How to join

Teachers Register at www.realworldchallenges.ca