Experiential learning opportunity

Fishing for Mental Health with John Fletcher

Areas of interest: Careers, Health, Physical Education, Science


Do you want to learn more about a GREAT Mental Health resource created in New Brunswick for teachers and students??? Plug into ASD-N’s podcast, Fishing For Mental Health. This Podcast was created by John Fletcher (Mental Health Mentor in ASD-N) with the goal of offering Professional Learning opportunities focused on the importance of Mental Health in today’s world.

John interviews prominent mental health experts from all over North America! They just released the 18th episode!  All 18 episodes are accessible, with more being added.  Check out the link below to listen.

How to Join

Please join John Fletcher (ASD-N) as he explores and discusses mental health with experts from all over North America.

New podcast to be released monthly.

The podcast can be accessed through the Apple Podcast and is also available on all major podcast directories (Amazon Music, Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc).titled: Fishing for Mental Health on Apple Podcasts


If you are accessing this via your phone, use the Apple Podcast app.

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