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SPARK-A Mother-Daughter Journey

Areas of interest: Health

Jenny Kierstead and Sophia Rae, a Mother-Daughter duo have been through a lot together over the last few years. As they moved through COVID self-isolation, the family also dealt with the traumatic grief from the massacre in NS, which claimed the life of Jenny’s sister, and Sophia’s Aunt, Lisa McCully. Jenny and Sophia decided to channel their desire to spark a light amidst the darkness by creating this podcast.

The hope for this podcast is to ignite honest, whole-hearted conversations that bridge the generational gap, heal trauma and light the path for a healthy, united future. 

They hope this podcast inspires you to speak your truth, use your voice to affect positive change and heal the intergenerational connections in your life.

How to Join

The podcast can be accessed through https://girlonfire.ca/spark/ as well as on Apple Podcast and on all major podcast directories.