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WHATCHAKNOWJOE Blog- Physical Education Activities

Areas of interest: Health, Physical Education, Science


Are you looking for different and fun lesson ideas for your Physical Education class? Check out Whatchaknowjoe a blog created by Joe Crossland Physical Education & Health Lead for ASD-W and President of the New Brunswick Physical Education Society where he shares Great PE Ideas from Great PE Teachers. The COE for Health is thrilled to support and share the activities and resources posted on the blog.

Joe started the blog site for two reasons:

  • The Blog allows Joe to keep a digital portfolio of the great games, activities, and resources he finds online from the amazing Physical Education & Health teachers in New Brunswick, across Canada and around the world.
  • Phys Ed teachers are always looking for new ideas to try with their students. Collecting these ideas and posting them to the blog allows Joe to share the resources with all NB teachers.

This blog wouldn’t be possible without the amazing teachers whose games, activities, and ideas Joe has “borrowed” and shared. If you find something here take it, try it, adjust it if you need to but most importantly enjoy trying something new.

How to Join

New posts are added daily throughout the school year at https://whatchaknowjoe.wordpress.com/

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