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WILWorks Skilled Trades in Advanced Manufacturing

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Canada’s skilled worker shortage is a pressing issue, especially in the manufacturing sector, where demand is soaring due to rapid technological advancements and impending retirements. WILWorks Skilled Trades in Advanced Manufacturing is a pre-apprenticeship program for youth (15-29), providing the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in advanced manufacturing trades. This program is designed to create a skilled workforce for Canada’s manufacturing future, utilizing employer-led, hands-on training and mentorship. Participants gain access to online self-directed e-learning focused on introductory technical skills for industrial mechanic millwrights and industrial electricians. Our employer-friendly approach lets you integrate training easily, while participants gain valuable, real-world experience during a training period of up to 20 weeks. Funded by the Government of Canada’s Skilled Trades Awareness and Readiness Program, together we can build the manufacturing workforce of tomorrow! For manufacturers in Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and British Columbia.

Program Training

Equip your learner with valuable knowledge through e-learning and hands-on training. Mechanical and electrical theory are covered, while optional lean and employability skills elevate performance. Witness transformations during the workplace hands-on training, spanning up to 20 weeks. Your organization’s skilled program mentors and trainers in mechanical and electrical fields create meaningful relationships, fostering learning potential and elevating your organization’s capabilities.

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WILWorks Skilled Trades in Advanced Manufacturing

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WILWorks Skilled Trades Program | Work Placement Funding – EMC Canada

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