Intergenerational Bingo

Grades K-5
Subjects: Art, Personal Wellness, You and Your World


In this activity your students will have an opportunity to generate intergenerational dialogue within your communities with a fun Easter activity (can be used for any occasion). Students will be encouraged to spend time with seniors and familiarize themselves with the nursing home facilities in the community. The activity will help expose students to the career opportunities and possibilities offered in the nursing home and educate students about different age populations within our society.

What you’ll need

  • Paint or color markers
  • Basket
  • Plaster eggs
  • Bingo sheets (included)
  • Conversation Catalyst Cards (included)


  1. The Name Game/Introductory icebreaker game – Have each student and senior introduce themselves by adding an adjective that starts with the same letter as their first name (i.e., Happy Hanson or Beautiful Bethany).
  2. Divide students into small groups of 4-5 and assign 1-2 seniors to each group. Students and seniors can quickly introduce themselves again (if needed).
  3. Distribute the plaster eggs, coloring materials, and bingo sheets to each group.
    • Each student gets 2-3 eggs, and each senior gets 1 bingo sheet and 1 egg to decorate. Be sure to assigned 2 numbers to each student so they can include that on their eggs (numbers between 1-25)
      • B 1-25, I 1-25, N 1-25, G 1-25, O 1-25
    • Seniors will fill in their bingo cards with any number between 1 – 16.
    • Gather all the decorated eggs and put it in a basket for the Bingo game later.
  4. While decorating, students and seniors will take turns drawing cards from the Conversation Catalyst card pile in the middle of the table.
    • Spend about 3-5 minutes on each card and ensure everyone in the group has a chance to speak.
    • Students can take turns going up to the basket to call out the numbers on the eggs.
    • Students will stay in the same group and play Bingo.
  6. Wrap-up activity – Give students time to share something they learned about the nursing home or their new friend with the full group.

Career Connections

Mini activity (can be completed in the classroom): Students will pick one career at the long-term care home and research the career on their own. Students will partner with another student in the class, share their research and discuss the interesting facts or information about the chosen career.

Extension: Students can present the chosen career to the entire class.

NB Curricular Outcomes

You and Your World

K 1.5 recognize that families (local, national, and global) have varied traditions, rituals, and celebrations

K 1.6 identify and describe groups to which they belong

K.4.4 Students will be expected to identify connections between their community and other communities (local, national, global).

 Personal Wellness 3-5

SCO 2.1 Recognize the importance of talking about emotions.

SCO 3.1 Demonstrate acceptance and appreciation for diversity.

SCO 3.2 Identify strategies to build and enhance friendships.

SCO 4.2 Explore how skills and interests can influence career choices.

SCO 4.3 Recognize the importance and diversity of work.

Global Competencies



Innovation, creativity, and Entrepreneurship

Sustainability and Global Citizenship


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